Helicopter Pilot

$77,376 - $116,064 yearly
  • Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department
  • Albuquerque, NM, USA
  • Mar 30, 2023
Full time Aerial Surveillance Government (Local) Helicopter Pilot Law Enforcement Multicrew NVG Single Pilot VFR

Job Description


Pilot will operate an aircraft in a manner that enhances the Sheriff’s Department operations.


  1. Be familiar with and comply with all regulations, policies, and procedures as prescribed by the Federal Aviation Administration, Sheriff’s Department, and Metro Air Support Unit directives.
  2. Obtain local weather reports and forecast at the beginning of each shift if there is questionable weather in the area.
  3. Conduct pre-flight checks of aircraft at the beginning of each shift and post-flight  checks at the end of each shift.
  4. Check the maintenance logs of the aircraft to be flown for current discrepancies, and log any new discrepancies.
  5. Conduct safety briefings for all passengers including emergency procedures.
  6. Maintain radio communication with Air Traffic Control and other air traffic if necessary.
  7. Maintain all reports and records as required.
  8. Respond to all noise complaints.
  9. Assist in keeping the aircraft clean and professional in appearance.
  10. Keep the Director of Operations informed of all matters pertaining to aircraft safety, malfunctions, usage, passengers, or scheduling problems.
  11. Make recommendations to the MetroAir Support Unit Director of Operations on procedures that would enhance the effectiveness of the Unit.
  12. Perform additional duties as directed by the Metro Air Support Unit Director of Operations.
  13. Be capable of speaking in public on topics of the Metro Air Support Unit.
  14. Pilot all departmental aircraft as directed and/or assigned.
  15. Performs other job related duties as required or assigned. 

*The above information on this job description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this classification.  It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties and responsibilities required of all employees assigned to this job.  


Minimum Qualifications


  1. Must possess a commercial pilot rotorcraft FAA rating.
  2. Must possess an instrumental helicopter FAA rating.
  3. Must possess a current class II medical certificate.
  4. Must have 1,500 hours minimum of turbine rotorcraft flight time.
  5. Must have at least 500 hours of mountain flying (altitudes above 4,500 ft.).
  6. Must have at least 500 hours of night flying.
  7. Must be qualified in an AS350 series helicopters.
  8. Must be qualified in a Bell 205 (UH1H) or 206 family of two-bladed single engine helicopter.
  9. Must have experience with external load operation such as helicopter rescue hoist, sling loading, vertical reference, short-haul, and/or United States Forest Service water bucket operations.
  10. Must be qualified in helicopter night vision devices.
  11. Must attend and pass factory certified Pilot schools or equivalent training as directed.
  12. Must pass an annual unit check ride in each aircraft.
  13. Must know how to communicate on radios.


Supplemental Information



The offer of this Bernalillo County position requires compliance with the following:

  1. Employee must successfully complete the post-offer employment medical examination and background investigation.
  2. Employee must comply with the safety guidelines of the County.
  3. Employee must possess a valid New Mexico driver’s license by employment date and retain a valid license while employed in this position.

Working Conditions 

  1. Pilot departmental aircraft in a possibly hazardous environment while performing law enforcement and fire support operations.
  2. The majority of essential duties are performed in the field with the aircraft.
  3. Outdoor duties are sometimes required in performance of essential duties.
  4. Worker is exposed to natural weather conditions while performing outdoor duties.
  5. Worker may be exposed to intermittent noise and vibration factors, particularly while in the aircraft.
  6. Work hazards include high stress level of job, operation of the aircraft in potentially hazardous situations.

Equipment, Tools and Materials

  1. Personal protective equipment utilized in aircraft operations.
  2. Equipment and materials used to perform aircraft pilot duties.


Equal Opportunity Employer

Bernalillo County is an equal opportunity employer


Health Benefits

Life Insurance
Deferred Compensation
Pre-Paid Legal
Flexible Spending Account
Long/Short Term Disability
  Fringe Benefits: 
Retirement Plan
Holiday Leave
Personal Holiday Leave
Annual Leave
Sick Leave
Employee Assistance Plan

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